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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Charter Review Special Committee CommitteeVirtual3 
City Council Primary Legislative BodyCity Council Chamber and Remote Participation11 
City Council Caucus Primary Legislative BodyCity Council Committee Room  
City Council Organizational Meeting Secondary Legislative BodyCity Council Chamber93 Highland Avenue 2nd Floor  
Committee of the Whole CommitteeVirtual  
Confirmation of Appointments and Personnel Matters Committee CommitteeVirtual5 
Equity, Gender, Seniors, Families and Vulnerable Populations Committee CommitteeVirtual3 
Finance Committee CommitteeVirtual5 
Housing and Community Development Committee CommitteeCommittee Room3 
Land Use Committee CommitteeVirtual5 
Legislative Matters Committee CommitteeVirtual5 
Licenses and Permits Committee CommitteeVirtual3 
Open Space, Environment and Energy Committee CommitteeVirtual5 
Public Health and Public Safety Committee CommitteeVirtual3 
Public Utilities and Public Works Committee CommitteeVirtual3 
Rodent Issues Special Committee CommitteeVirtual3 
Rules Special Committee CommitteeVirtual3 
School Building Facilities and Maintenance Special Committee CommitteeVirtual3 
School Committee Regular Meeting CommitteeVirtual  
Traffic and Parking Committee CommitteeVirtual3